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[   ]Lyrics VWC 2018.pdf360K
[SND]02_We are the kiss.mp3757K
[SND]03_Bone by bone.mp3761K
[SND]16_Sacred Fire.mp3840K
[SND]07_Let the land shape us.mp3896K
[SND]06_Light is returning.mp31.0M
[SND]09_Here we are held.mp31.0M
[SND]17_Brigid’s Well.mp31.2M
[SND]08_We are circling.mp31.5M
[SND]12_Weaving our way.mp31.7M
[SND]01_I wanna make magic with you.mp33.0M
[SND]11_Like the moon.mp34.1M
[SND]15_Good Morning Earth.mp34.3M
[SND]05_Circle round - Círculos por la paz - Zauberkreis des Friedens.mp34.6M
[SND]13_Magical forest.mp35.3M
[SND]10_Fire transform me - Transformame fuego - Feuer verwandle mich.mp35.6M
[SND]14_Where is the moon - in memory of JP Hartsong.mp36.0M

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