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[SND]Air Fire Water Earth I - Abel and Camper.mp36.3M
[SND]Air Fire Water Earth II - Abel and Camper.mp32.0M
[SND]All my Family is together_Amara and Peti.mp3 11M
[SND]Another Days' Journey - Ada and Singing Path.mp32.2M
[SND]Blood and Boone - by and with Robin Hood - and Peti.mp34.8M
[SND]Celebrate the Rain - by Alice DiMicele - Brenna, Amber and Singing Path.mp31.8M
[SND]Circle round - Chuck with Peti.mp33.6M
[SND]Dialing Down Song - Jude and Camper.mp33.0M
[SND]Earth my body - Peti and Singing Path.mp35.0M
[SND]Erde meine Mutter - Peti and Singing Path.mp33.8M
[SND]Everything is as it should be_Peti and Amara and Campers.mp34.8M
[SND]Flor del maiz I - Ada and Singing Path.mp34.3M
[SND]Flor del maiz II - Ada and Singing Path.mp32.5M
[SND]Flor del maiz III - Ada and Singing Path.mp33.3M
[SND]Flor del maiz IV - Ada and Singing Path.mp34.0M
[SND]Fly like an Eagle and more_Peti and JP Heartsong and Camper.mp39.7M
[SND]For each child - Singing Path.mp32.9M
[SND]From the Spark all Things began - by and with Abel.mp33.4M
[SND]Gaia Sternenkraft komm - Peti and Singing Path.mp34.3M
[SND]Gaia we walk with you - Crystaline and Team.mp33.3M
[SND]Great Spirit - Lina and Singing Path.mp32.9M
[SND]Harmonize my Child - Amara.mp33.5M
[SND]His Mystery - by and with Brook.mp39.7M
[SND]Holding Hands around the Circle - Rain and Amara.mp34.3M
[SND]Humbly we walk here - Brenna and Camper.mp31.9M
[SND]I choose life - Ashanti.mp34.2M
[SND]I hear a call - Peti and Singing Path.mp33.8M
[SND]I open to the Flow - I surrender_Brenna and Singing Path.mp32.7M
[SND]In the Light In the Love In the Glory I - Brenna, Sus and Singing Path.mp37.2M
[SND]In the Light In the Love In the Glory II - Brenna, Sus and Singing Path.mp34.2M
[SND]In the Light In the Love In the Glory III - Brenna, Sus and Singing Path.mp39.2M
[SND]In the Light In the Love In the Glory IV - Brenna, Sus and Singing Path.mp32.0M
[SND]Invoke Him - Brook, in Singing Path.mp32.0M
[SND]Let the People live our lifes_Rain.mp39.6M
[SND]Love is where we come from - by Stephen Samuels - Lion and Peti.mp31.9M
[   ]Lyrics of Songs FAWC 2009.pdf 89K
[SND]Make new Friends - Amber - Singing Path.mp3929K
[SND]Make new Friends_Amber_Singing Path_edited.mp3929K
[SND]Mother I feel you - Singing Path.mp3715K
[SND]Pacha mama I - Sus and Singing Path.mp33.6M
[SND]Pacha mama II - Sus and Singing Path.mp32.7M
[SND]Pacha mama III - Lyrics - Sus and Singing Path.mp31.1M
[SND]People who love themselves - Lina.mp35.6M
[SND]Right here right now - Brenna and Lina.mp33.0M
[SND]Seneca and the Trees - with Everest, Son of Julia.mp35.1M
[SND]She is the earth - Gaia II - Crystaline and Team.mp32.0M
[SND]She is the earth - Gaia III - Crystaline and Team.mp33.6M
[SND]She touches me deeply - JP Heartsong, Amara, Brush and Camper.mp36.3M
[SND]Shortening Bread - Daniel and Singing Path.mp33.5M
[SND]Sunlight on the Water - Peti and Amara.mp32.5M
[SND]Sunlight on the water - Singing Path.mp33.6M
[SND]Thank you song for giving me life - by Eden Rumlet - Yuba - Singing Path.mp32.2M
[SND]To you we sing - Birthday Song - Singing Path.mp34.1M
[SND]We are living - Rain.mp33.8M
[SND]We are the rising of the moon I - by Starhawk - Singing Path.mp31.4M
[SND]We are the rising of the moon II - by Starhawk - Singing Path.mp31.5M
[SND]We are the rising sun I - Singing Path.mp34.3M
[SND]We are the rising sun II - Singing Path.mp33.7M
[SND]We are the rising sun III - another harmony - Singing Path.mp31.2M
[SND]We are the rising sun IV - Singing Path.mp37.3M
[SND]We are the rising_setting sun V - Singing Path.mp32.8M
[SND]We can rise with the fire - Singing Path.mp32.6M
[SND]What stands between us - by and with Alfonso.mp37.4M
[SND]When there is a Shadow - Peti and Amara.mp31.2M
[SND]When you were born_long version_camper.mp36.6M
[SND]When you were born_middle version_incl_Juhu_camper.mp32.7M
[SND]When you were born_short_version_Amara.mp32.0M
[SND]Where I sit is holy - Peti and Singing Path.mp33.4M

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